All the wonder has been bleached
Atomic weights upon our feet
And the days are long with regret
'Lest we forget

The lush and wild panoply
That was there to witness the first bird
Over virgin fields the clouds embraced
That we erased

When the waters rise up from the blazing sea
Reaching for heaven or somewhere in between
Maybe we'll look down from a window in space
Calling it progress for the human race
And we'll wave goodbye, goodbye,
Goodbye cool world, goodbye cool world

We played the Godhead in 52 pickup
He's here to collect but we don't wanna pay
'Cause it's easier to eat the fruit
Than swallow the truth

So! So long Super Friends, hello Armageddon
Now I'm with stupid 24/7
Where life's a conspiracy
To make you believe


Goodbye moon, goodbye laughter
Goodbye to the dreams you once ran after
Goodbye sex, goodbye breathing
Goodbye to the story they had you believing
Goodbye cool world!